Monday, March 26, 2012

Book Review: Knit One, Kill Two

The book is Knit One, Kill Two, by Maggie Sefton.

Book one of the Knitting Mysteries series, this book introduces Kelly Flynn. In the process of trying to settle her late aunt's affairs back home in Colorado, Kelly ends up solving the aunt's murder and learning to knit.

When Kelly's aunt, Helen, decided to downsize her ranch, most of the land was sold off to a golf course. Helen moved into the MIL's house and the company that bought the land rented the main house to a yarn shop and a cafe, a deadly combination if you ask me. Anyway, Helen was a regular at the yarn store, so Kelly is persuaded to drop in for a tour. She ends up visiting again and again to sit and talk, eventually getting bullied into learning to knit.

Each book seems to have both a recipe and at least one knitting pattern in the back. The two patterns in this book are really simple, suiting the skill level of the new-knitter protagonist. The first is just a garter stitch scarf done in chunky yarn; a perfect project for someone who just learned how to hold needles. The second pattern is called Lambspun's Whodunnit Shell (I bet the names of these are going to be a ton of fun). The directions span 5 sizes, with very simple directions in bulky yarn. Good project for a new knitter, or someone in need of emergency knitwear.

Oh yeah, and the cinnamon bun recipe looks killer.

A fast read, pretty straightforward. Lots of descriptions of yummy yarn and a hilarious trip to a fiber festival. The knitting is dead-on, and the mystery isn't bad, either. I'd say this is a promising start to a series.

Copy from Christiansburg Public Library