Monday, November 14, 2011

Repost of July 2, 2011 Minutes

The New River Valley Knitting Guild Meeting Minutes
July 2, 2011

I. Call to Order
David Simpson called to order the regular meeting of the New River Valley Knitting
Guild at 10:05am on July 2, 2011 at the Mosaic Yarn Shop.

II. Roll call
Devon Eckstein conducted a roll call. The following persons were present:

Leigh Faulconer
Franny Howes
Carol Ellison
David Simpson
Gina Bonomo
Lauren Smith
Devon Eckstein
Cathy Gellis
Patricia Bevan

III. Approval of minutes from last meeting
a. Minutes are available on the NRV Knitting Guild blog

IV. Old Business
a. Steppin’ Out
    i. August 5-6
    ii. Need a space, but they’re full.
              1. Xanadu Space?
                   a. Gina or Dave will call
              2. Non-Profit area waiting list?
                  a. Leigh F. will call
                  b. We need to be prepared up to the last second in case a space opens up.
    iii. Need donated items.
             1. Can be knit, crocheted, etc. or yarn, supplies.
             2. Donations can be dropped off at Mosaic Yarn Shop throughout the month of July.
    iv. Will benefit the Women’s Resource Center located in Blacskburg.
            1. Leigh F. will contact to let them know our plans.
            2. Will get brochures from the WRC, so they’ll be available at our booth.

b. Bank Account
   i. The Guild bank account was created at Wachovia
  ii. The associated card is useable by any Guild member for Guild business.

c. Guild banner
   i. Will be generic enough that it can be reused, for instance reading  "NRV Knitting Guild, Charity Sale”.
   ii. Lauren S. will shop around and have the sign made.

V. New Business
a. Project Linus
   i. After Steppin’ Out (August).
   ii. Donations stay locally within the NRV.
   iii. They can take money or items. We prefer to donate items, since we’re able to craft blankets.
   iv. Leigh will call the local chapter president, Penny, about attending a future Guild meeting, either July 30th or the meeting after that.

b. Game day sales in Lot 1
   i. October.
   ii. Need the use of a Lot 1 parking space – Cathy G. will ask.
   iii. Sell Hokie-colored crafted items for $$.

c. Ravelry group for the NRV Knitting Guild
   i. Devon E. and Franny H. will set up and moderate.
   ii. Guild announcements will be cross-posted there, as well as on the blog, etc.

d. Next meeting will be July 30, 2011 at 11am.

VI. Adjournment
Gina adjourned the meeting at 12pm.

Minutes submitted by: Devon Eckstein, Secretary

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