Friday, December 9, 2011

It's the Holiday Season

I know it says that we're the New River Valley Knitting Guild, but I want to share the love with those of us who do other crafts. Right now I'm talking about crocheting. Here's an easy and fun project that anyone with a basic handle on a few stitches can do.

Just a reminder, you can come see a live example at out Holiday Social on Sunday! Or, at the Block Party tomorrow at Mosaic. (Though their garland is nowhere near as cool as mine. Chunky yarn is the way to go!)

Spiral Garland

Basically what you do is chain however many stitches you need to make the garland as long as you want. You go back and single crochet in each chain. The next row you make two half double crochets in each single crochet. The third row you make two double crochets in each half double. It spirals all by itself.

Since I was making a garland for my Christmas tree, I used Berroco Vintage Chunky in green, white, and red, but you can do it with any yarn in any color for any event. You could also make a cute scarf, similar to a knitted potatochip scarf, if you used a lighter weight yarn. 

When you're starting, a word of caution. I got a little carried away and made mine way too long. Like, several feet or so too long. I kept running out of my other colors of yarn, so I'd recommend making no more than 3 yards of chain stitch. With that you should be able to buy just one skein of color 1, one of color 2, and two of color 3. If you're making this as a scarf, your guess is as good as mine. Let me know how it turns out, if you try it!

If you need help with stitches, try some videos on YouTube or some of the images from the Crochet Guild of America. 

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  1. I saw this on your tree today. Looked great! I don't use traditional Christmas colors on my tree, but I might try this in something funky. You know, so it looks really dated in twenty years and clashes with everything. 'Cuz that's how I roll.