Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Crocheted Clouds

 Now interrupting our regularly scheduled programming to bring you a project where art, craft, and science collide. Ciro Najle is usually an architect; he designed this piece, which took several people to execute.
Najle says crochet is the perfect medium for representing fractal structures because its surfaces can be subdivided again and again by varying the length of neighbouring crochet lines . . . The sculpture comprises crocheted squares, each of which has an individual pattern modelled by Najle, who generated 1664 different diagrams pinpointing the intersections of the woollen strands, the crochet knots that are key to its structure.

To see more pictures, go to Le Labratorie's blog, here.  More about the exhibit (which apparently includes experiments with different yarns) can be found on New Scientist, here.

 (Originally found via io9)

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  1. I like the shadows it makes. I'm also a big nerd when it comes to mathematical crafting. Thanks for the link!